New BusTED Phone App Could Help Investigators Get to the Bottom of School Bus Accidents

Recently, a school bus in Maryland overturned at least once while travelling on Interstate 95, after being clipped by a car that was trying to overtake. Philadelphia school officials say 26 eighth-graders, two teachers, a parent and the driver were on the bus.
BusTED Phone App Violation ReportWe don't know what caused this. We don't know where the blame lies. But an obvious question would be: What speed was the bus traveling at when the incident occurred? This is surely something that should be taken into consideration in the ensuing investigation, but probably unknown unless the bus was fitted with an expensive GPS system (most in the USA are not). The BusT.E.D. app can identify and prevent speeding school buses, but it can also be instrumental in investigations of this nature.

Even one passenger on the school bus with the BusT.E.D. app active could have shed light on the incident and helped investigators.

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