Can we all agree that speeding school buses are a bad thing?

This is a copy of our recent post on our Facebook page, but it's something we feel so passionate about that we wanted to share it here. Following a recent article about a community coming together after a tragedy, it's just clear that we need to come together to solve problems rather than relying on ineffective elected officials to do it. Here is a copy of our comment:

 This is absolutely tragic. As usual, it takes a tragedy to suddenly spur political types into action. Seat belts on school buses is a controversial topic - endlessly debated. There are good arguments both for and against. If children are strapped in, they will be safer in case of a collision. But in case of a fire, imagine the time it takes to free 30 or 40 kids. There does not seem to be any clear-cut answer which is why the debate has raged for so long. But can we all agree on one thing: school buses should not violate the speed limit - right? Speed is often a major factor in vehicle incidents and accidents. So while we may not be able to solve the seat belt discussion, we can certainly address the speeding issue.

Yes, this post is self serving. Yes, our phone app can track and report speeding school buses. Yes, the power goes to the parent, because you just download the app on your kid's phone and use it, no need to get anyone's permission or pass a law. But isn't that the point? People, communities and innovators getting together to address and solve problems while elected officials grapple for years with important issues (like getting re-elected).

Support BusTED - and let's stop speeding school buses.

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