The World's First School Bus Speed Monitoring App

  • Anonymous and Automated

    What happens when you kiss your children goodbye and they get on the school bus? You would never put them in a car with a complete stranger, yet you trust that the school bus is a safe option. Now you don't have to just trust -  you can verify! BusT.E.D. automatically tracks and anonymously reports speed violations. Simply download to your child's smartphone.

  • The Power of the Crowd

    With BusTED running on numerous devices, the power of decentralized, crowd based technology can shine. Multiple reports on multiple occasions by multiple anonymous devices quickly and effectively shows a pattern of bad behavior which is irrefutable and can be addressed. Over time BusT.E.D. becomes a preventative measure as much as a reactive reporting device.

  • Independent

    Parents have the power to monitor the speed of the school bus without the need to involve the school or district. The BusT.E.D. app currently works on most iPhones and soon on Android devices too. Simply install it, set it and let it work for you. You do not need permission from the school, and the school does not have to make any investment in technology or infrastructure.

Is Your Child Safe on the School Bus?

Is Your Child Safe on the School Bus?

BusT.E.D. - Automatically track and anonymously report when your child's school bus exceeds the posted speed limit.

Know when your child's school bus is driving too fast.